Smallmouth Bass


HALF DAY (1 OR 2 ANGLERS, 5+ HOURS) $300.00 

 FULL DAY (1 OR 2 ANGLERS, 8+ HOURS) $400.00

Rods, reels, line, leaders, and flies are provided. You are welcome to bring your own supplies if you want! Please make sure you let us know if you plan to use personal supplies so we can discuss what essential gear is recommended in regards to flies, rod weight, line etc. Though we specialize in fly fishing and only provide the gear necessary for Muskie and Bass on the fly, we are totally open to the conventional enthusiast. We can make suggestions on rod and lure choice.  

 Lunch, snacks, and beverages are provided. Arrangements will be made prior to fishing day.  Please feel free to make suggestions on the food, snack, and beverage selection.  A typical lunch would consist of a sandwich, chips, fruit, vegetable, and a cookie... And for those long days and early hours on the water we make coffee boat side.  Water is always cold and provided but feel free to bring something else. 

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A valid Wisconsin fishing license

$100.00 non-refundable down payment due at time of booking.  Remaining balance will be due prior to boarding the boat on day of fishing.  Rain checks will be issued at the guides discretion for dangerous weather and water conditions.

Payment of cash or personal checks only 


Recommended Gear Checklist 

-Polarized Sunglasses (Very crucial for in the water visibility)

-Rain Jacket and Pants

-Camera (We carry cameras on the boat, but if you prefer to bring your own feel free to do so)

-Sunblock (We Also carry this onboard as well as bug spray. If you have a preference of your own please bring)

-Dry Bag (This is essential to keep your gear dry incase of rain. I carry one in the boat but is usually full of other gear. The boat also has dry storage for a few things but a dry bag is still recommended)

Seasonal Clothing 

Spring: Our season starts early May and the weather can vary.  During this time of year it isn't uncommon to hit some cool temperature. Dressing in layers is a good way to add or strip down when needed.  Also a warmer outer layer comes in handy and doesn't hurt to carry along.  Water temps are on the cool side and a pair of waders is also recommended but not necessary.  

Summer: Summer time in Wisconsin (June through August) can be brutal at times, heat and humidity.  Clothes that are light and dry quick are good choices to consider.  A jacket is a safe bet to bring along as Wisconsin can be unpredictable with its weather.  This also is the time of year when the Deer Flies and Mosquitos are at the peak.  Bug head nets really make your time on the water more enjoyable rather than dealing with the insects.  This time of year the water temps are warm.  A good pair of wet wade shoes or sandals with straps that will stay on are recommended.  Make sure to take into consideration UV protection if you are sensitive to sunlight. 

Fall: Although September in Wisconsin can be Summer like temperatures, it can also get quite cool.  Be prepared for both. Dress in layers and bring extra just incase, but also keep in mind that it could be extremely warm.  Once we move into October and November the temps really start to take a drop, Warm clothes are a must.  We recommend base layers and warm outer layers for this time of year.  Wool socks, warm boots, hat, gloves and waders are smart choices.  Its always better to come with more clothes then you think you will need.

Fishing Gear 

Anglers are more then welcome to bring all things necessary.  If your bringing your own rods we ask that if two anglers are fishing then three rods per angler.  If your running solo then bring as many as you want.  For bass I usually run 6WT- 10WT rods, 8WT or 9WT would be ideal. Having rods with multiple line applications (floating, sinking, and intermediate) allows for a more versatile approach.  We mostly run floating and intermediate, but a floating line would cover most applications for Smallmouth. For Musky we throw some beefy flies.  Rods running in the 10WT to 12WT are the best choices.  For musky almost all of the time we run intermediate lines.  The flies we use have big bulky heads and takes the intermediate line to get the fly down.  Flies are provided and are more then welcome to be used.  However a lot of fly fishermen enjoy tying and catching on their own creation, and if interested in putting together  your own arsenal, contact S&R and we will discuss our top producing patterns in the top performing colors.  Terminal tackle will be provided and is not necessary to bring.  If looking to purchase some new gear give us a call and we would be more then happy to point you off in a good direction.  

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